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It Starts Hear wants to provide another way for aspiring guitar players all over the world to learn how to play the guitar. We have finally decided to open up a forums page in order to give everyone the chance to interact with each other and talk about things related to guitar playing.


Since this part of our website allows everyone to drop any message that they want to be answered, or to answer queries posted in a thread, we decided to have moderators with us. The purpose of these moderators is to regulate the things that are posted on this page.

Since every message is directly posted after it has been submitted, our moderators will proactively check every thread on the forum and see if there are rules violated through posting such queries and replies.

Our Rule

Our only rule is to keep a professional environment. We would like to keep this page as helpful as possible. We disdain poorly-worded language and curse words. We are also not in favor of degrading others in order to prove one’s point.

If ever our moderator sees any of this, we reserve the right to remove it right away.

On the other hand, the guilty party will not be let off the hook. We will issue a warning and may suspend them for a considerable amount of time depending on the weight of their violation.

Also, we can and we will ban users who keep on repeating their mistakes over and over again.

Building a Community

The very purpose of this page is to build a community. This is the reason why we encourage everyone to be active in answering questions. We also would like to see each of you bond over a question or a fact in order to keep everything light and easy.

If you are interested in being a part of this community, don’t hesitate to do so. We will keep this page open to the public so that more people can impart their knowledge with regards to guitar playing to the users of this page.