Classic Guitar Music: 3 Fun Facts on Classic Guitars

Deciding to engage in classic guitar playing should mean that you have also decided to know every detail of it. Part of being able to fully understand classic guitar is to know facts that may have not been introduced before.

This part of the article may or may not directly affect your perception of classical guitar playing. But it will surely provide you with additional information that you may be able to use in the future.

And to continue, here are three things about classic guitars that you should know about:

String Courses

classic guitar music blurred - Classic Guitar Music: 3 Fun Facts on Classic Guitars

The body of the guitar may not be as different from the modern models but the strings have surely changed. During the Renaissance period, when guitars started making an appearance, classic guitars were identified with different courses.

It started with four, then developed the top five, until it became six just like our modern guitars.

The Plucking Technique

classic guitar music playing - Classic Guitar Music: 3 Fun Facts on Classic Guitars

Among all the other guitars, the classical guitar is the only one which uses more plucking techniques and fingerstyle more than others. This is due to the need to approximate each note that should be played for the music.

This is also the reason why learning musical letters are very important before you start learning to play classic guitar.

It is highly recommendedfor you to also learn different playing signals such as when to pluck hard and when to go soft. In playing classical music, this is very important in order to emphasize each note and to relay the emotion of the song.

Method for Guitar

classic guitar music black and white - Classic Guitar Music: 3 Fun Facts on Classic Guitars

Due to the popularity of six-string guitars, instructional manuals have then been written. The most famous book then and still existing right now is Fernando Sor’s Method for Guitar. The instructional book contains information on how to hold the guitar and advice on playing it.

The most popular part of the book is its multiple practice exercises which address reading music and playing it. This is very important as you can only get better at playing classical guitar when you continuously and constantly work for it. Perfecting your technique can take a while.

Learning to play classical guitar is fun but it is never easy. However, if you have determination and commitment, you’ll surely be able to survive.

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