3 Ways to Identify Which Music to Use in Classic Guitar Playing

Once you are able to move on from learning the basics of classical guitar playing such as studying musical letters, your next step would be the actual playing part. Since you are now able to apply what you’ve learned in theory, you will have to start thinking about which music you should use for practicing.

We need to stress that finding the right music for your classic guitar playing practice is very crucial. The reason for this is that it could be a factor on whether or not you’d like to go on with what you are currently doing.

So, to help you with this, we will provide you with three ways to identify which specific type of music you should use for your practice.

Easy but Enjoyable


Since you are still starting, you need to find a piece of music, or at least have someone suggest, that is quite easy to play.

If you are, overall, new to this, then it is best if you seek other people’s advice.

You need to start with easy music so to not discourage you. Learning, in general, requires a gradual increase in difficulty. Don’t get too upset if you think that you’re being babied by your mentor.

Also, the music needs to be enjoyable for you so that you won’t be boredplaying it over and over again.

Your Favorites


Yes, this is a cliché way to identify which music you should play in classic guitar playing but it is still what’s mostly used. The very reason why it is highly encouraged that you pick a song that is close to your heart is that you will find a need to perfect it and be able to perform it eventually.



Sometimes, your favorite songs have very complex chord progressions and you may not be able to get it yet which is why we will offer you another alternative. Instead of going to your favorites, find what the most recommended song is for beginners and start with that.

Learning is never easy but one thing is for sure, you don’t start on top, you start down and work your way up. And the same thing goes for classical guitar playing.


5 Facts on the Need to Understand Lyrics in Classic Guitar Playing

Classic guitar playing is highly doable, there’s no doubt about that. There are tons of ways that you can help yourself in actually being a good guitar player. However, what people fail to realize is that being a classic guitar player is more than just knowing howit’s also about being able to deliver the music.

What we’re trying to say to you is that classic guitar playing doesn’t stop when you already know how to play, it stops when you actually are able to relay the message of the song through your performance. In order to do this, you need to understand the lyrics of the song.

In order to shed more light on this matter, here are some facts that you should take note of as to why understanding lyrics is a critical part in perfecting your classical guitar playing.

You Feel

When you understand what the song is trying to say, you will be able to feel it as well. As you get deeper into the song, you’ll eventually reflect the main emotion of the song through your way of playing.

If you have seen pianists play in piano concerts, you’ll see how their movements are carried with the emotion of the music. When it seems angry or forceful, they hit the keys hard; when it goes soft, they go soft too. And that should be the same with classical guitar playing.

You Share

Again, when you are able to feel the real meaning of the music, it’ll be easier for you to share it with people. Classic music goes a long way and people from this era may not be as familiar with it right now.

When you play a classic song knowing what it is about, you’ll be able to share it with others as well.

You Find Your Sound

Classic songs are distinguishable because of how it sounds and of the lyrics that it has. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to discover your own sound.

As you learn classic guitar playing, you also learn that there are timings, tempos, or rhythms that you could add or alter in order to sound more unique.

You Embrace Its Entirety

In order to perform a classic song as authentically as possible, you need to embrace every bit of it including its lyrics. When you embrace the entirety of a song, you learn to love it, and when you love something, you play it by heart and not just by memory.

Believe us when we say that nothing is better than playing a song with your heart.

You Know When to Play it

Every classic song you know in classic guitar playing has different meanings, this is the reason why we want you to appreciate the lyrics. Knowing what a song means will guide you as to when it is appropriate to play a certain song and when it is not.

Do you know what entices listeners these days? They are very interested in the lyrics of the song. Throughout the years, people have been taken by the rhythm or by the music but eventually, they’ll love a song because of its lyrics.

Lyrics can mean a lot to different people, and you should know how to get it through to them.

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