4 Important Reasons of Musical Letters in Classic Guitar Playing

After you are able to pick a classic guitar and finally decided on whether you would hire someone to personally teach you or just rely on online tutorials, you can now start learning. And the first thing that you need to understand is the musical letters.

There are seven musical letters and each of them represents a different key in your guitar string. In addition to that, it also comes with different variations such as flats, sharps, minor keys, and major keys.

It is imperative that you make sure that you familiarize yourself with these letters because of the following reasons.

musical letters notes - 4 Important Reasons of Musical Letters in Classic Guitar Playing

Accuracy of Music

When playing any kind of instrument, it is highly needed for you to hit the exact key provided in order to produce the right sound. Failing to do this would jeopardize the tune of the entire song.

For classic guitar playing, knowing musical letters have much more weight because we want you to understand that precision is the key to producing a classic sound.

Unlike other genres, wherein you just strum your way through every song, classical music needs the right picking which can only be achieved by knowing these letters.

Improved Note Identification

When you constantly hear the sound of the musical letters and hear its variations, you will eventually familiarize their sound.

Without even trying, there are times wherein you unconsciously take note of such differences in tones which results in you being able to identify inconsistencies in the tone or key.

The ability to identify every tone correctly is called a perfect pitch. Not everyone is born with it, butthey say that if you practice as your life depended on it, there is a chance that you’ll be able to develop it in you. Or at least, somewhere close to that.

Playing a Song Correctly

If you put it in human terms, learning musical letters is a basic need for classical guitar playing. It is the foundation that you need to establish in order for you to be able to play it correctly.

Every point in this article all leads to one and that is establishing that playing the guitar starts in studying the letters.

Within the boundaries of learning musical letters, you’ll also encounter how to determine the length of each note, timing, and the rhythm. Each of these is established when you start learning about it.

A Pre-requisite

Learning about musical letters as related to classical guitar playing serves as a requirement before engaging in the actual guitar playing. To be honest, once you are able to work your way around it, it’ll be easier for you to learn how to play it.

It’s because the next part will involve working with your hands and that’s something that is easier to practice.

Knowing how to hold a guitar or place your hand to form some chords is not enough. There are complex chords and tabs that could only be understood with the help of musical letters. And that’s something you really have to work hard on.

It won’t matter whether you have the drive and patience to learn how to play a classic guitar, none of it would matter if you aren’t able to understand and appreciate the worth of musical letters.

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